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  • Flare up: stoma edition June 7, 2024
    Flare up: stoma edition  I’ve had my stoma now for 8 years and I’ve always found it difficult to tell If I’m flaring with Crohn’s because my plumbing has changed and I present differently with regards to symptoms. My symptoms 22 years ago and now are completely different. What I... The post Flare up: stoma […]
  • Summer ostomate tips June 4, 2024
    Summer ostomate tips With Summer having arrived and the warm weather hopefully here to stay for a few months, ostomates need to consider some lifestyle changes going forward. The warm weather can affect everything from the clothes you wear, your diet and your supplies. Here are my tips for staying... The post Summer ostomate tips […]
  • Going on holiday with a stoma May 30, 2024
    Going on holiday with a stoma Stoma life and going abroad on holiday written from a sunbed in Rhodes… It’s coming up to that time of year where your summer holiday might be coming up, and if it’s your first time travelling abroad with a stoma, I am hoping this... The post Going on holiday […]
  • Spa days with a stoma May 29, 2024
    Spa days with Summer & a stoma One of my all-time favourite outings has to be a spa day. I’ve always loved them and have been on too many to count, so having a stoma bag definitely wasn’t going to stop me. So, I wanted to share my experience and... The post Spa days with […]
  • Post-pregnancy update with a stoma May 22, 2024
    Post-pregnancy update Adjusting to life with a newborn is an adventure in itself, filled with sleepless nights, endless nappy changes, and the incredible joy of watching your baby grow each day. Amidst all these new experiences, my stoma has continued to be a part of my life, reminding me daily... The post Post-pregnancy update with […]